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Why Al Fox Hates the Nickname "Tattooed Mormon"


I absolutely do not like the nickname “the Tattooed Mormon.” I would never call myself that and prefer that others would not refer to me as that either. (But I promise I won't get mad at you, either haha). I think talking about what is on my skin is completely irrelevant to where I am now in life and what I want the focus of my efforts to on—how real and incredible the gospel is and how to use it in our lives. (And also the small detail that I got them when I was not a member).

How I got the nickname in the first place was from a blog post where I consciously named myself, “Tattooed Mormon,” in an effort to avoid even bringing up tattoos in the post at all because I really didn’t want that to be the point. I figured having it subtly in the title, I could avoid [having people] miss the point of the actual post about the incredible power of the atonement. I never would have imagined it would be a label that I can’t seem to shake no matter how hard I point others away from myself and towards Christ.

Calling me the tattooed Mormon is hardly any different than calling someone else the “used-to-smoke Mormon,” or the “I-used-to-look-at-pornography Mormon.” Let me be clear: I am not saying tattoos are next to those sins, but I am saying that it is referring to people by who they no longer are and by what they are no longer doing and a part of. And why would anyone ever want to do that?

Lead image from In the Head of Al Fox.

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