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Why I Always Celebrate Father's Day Even Though I Often Didn't Have a Dad


Father's Day just like Mother's Day can be hard for many people. There are those who are reminded of loss, of challenges, of fears, and of failures. But here's one reason we can always celebrate this holiday.

Okay, so my relationship with Father’s Day isn’t exactly typical.

Don't get me wrong—growing up, my dad was a good man to us. He supported us financially, we were never in need of anything, we were all active in church, and it seemed that all the pieces were there. But there was a lot that was lacking. My relationship with my dad was more adverse than loving. He was someone we feared rather than someone who lovingly lifted us.

My parents divorced when I was 12, and my relationship with my dad took a larger tumble. For years, he would disappear completely from my life. In fact, for the last 11 years, he has been in and out sporadically. When he is part of my life, it is good, but when he is out, I feel I am missing a piece, and it is a void I once wondered how I could ever fill.

For a while, I despised Father’s Day.

If it didn’t make me cry—it made me angry. I yearned for the connection my friends had with their fathers. I wanted to be loved, hugged, and cherished the way I saw my friends’ fathers love, hug, and cherish them.

However, after a few years of wallowing in misery, I realized I was totally missing the point.

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