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Why I’m Not Afraid of Mental Health Counseling Anymore


"Getting the help you need is not a sign of weakness or failure. Heavenly Father wants us to be healthy, mentally and physically, and has given us many 'marvelous gifts' to help us cope with the mental and emotional challenges of mortality," writes Dave Clarke. 

The Ensign recently published an honest, inspiring article by Dave Clarke about seeking professional help concerning mental health. For more information about how to find the best mental health care provider for your needs, click here.

“You should go talk to a mental health counselor.”

This advice came as a huge surprise. I had just told a close friend about how stressed I was about getting into a prestigious accounting program, maintaining relationships, and dating as a recently returned missionary. I had never even considered the idea of therapy, and I felt like talking to a counselor was only for people who had big problems or were too weak to deal with challenges on their own. My friend had only good things to say about his own experience talking to a counselor, so I began to consider it.

Soon my anxiety got worse. After sleepless nights of worrying, I decided to schedule an appointment. I was nervous about what other people might say or think if they knew I was going to see a counselor, but at that point my anxiety was affecting my ability to function, so I went.

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