Why this animated Church video resonated with me as a working mom

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I don’t know about you, but the words “I’m tired” have been finding their way into my conversations at an alarming rate lately. And while my immediate response is to think that I need to simply get more sleep, this delightful animated video from the Church was a reminder that spirituality and energy go hand in hand. 

Following a working mom throughout her daily tasks, the video gives us a visual "battery level" reminder of how our energy is affected throughout the day. It goes on to remind us that if we want to be more like the Savior and serve others, as Elder Holland has shared, “you have to have something in the tank before you can give it to others.” 

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While circumstances are such that many of us are getting burned out faster than ever, I found this video to be an important reminder that the Savior knows what it is like to feel fatigued and He recognizes the need to recharge. And the fact is, it doesn't just apply to women. We can all follow Christ's example so that we can continue to serve, find happiness, and strengthen our families without completely draining our batteries. 

Watch the video below:  

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