"I Pray Toward Mecca Today": Latter-day Saint Shares Beautiful Message of Love and Support After Mosque Shootings

On March 15, a man carrying a semi-automatic rifle entered the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. The devastating events that followed are now known as the worst terrorist attack in New Zealand's history. 

And as the reverberations of the attack have spread throughout the world, members of different faiths have shared their love and support for the Islamic community. 

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People like Latter-day Saint David Golding. While attending BYU, Golding had a roommate who was Muslim. In a Twitter post, Golding said that this roommate would pray every day facing east, and one day, he invited Golding to pray with him.  

"We started our prayers, and he interrupted me," Golding shares on Twitter. "'We should face your temple since we are close to it,' he said. We could see the spire of the Provo Temple out our window. He turned his body away from Mecca and toward my faith’s holy site, a conscious act of inclusion I’ll never forget."

And after the shootings, Golding stands, or kneels, in support of his friend and Muslims around the world. 

"My friend, I pray toward Mecca today," Golding says. "My soul hurts for the violence directed at your faith and community."

The post, which has been shared hundreds of times, has also garnered messages of support and love for Muslims around the world from Latter-day Saints and members of different faiths. 

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