10 Feel-Good Christmas Novels Perfect for the Holiday Season

by | Dec. 06, 2017


Not only does the Christmas season bring gifts, family, and lots of good food, but it usually brings colder weather and cozy days at home. Settle in with a cup of hot chocolate and one of these great Christmas novels, and truly appreciate the Christmas season.

1. Lieutenant Terry's Christmas Fudge

by Gerald N. Lund

Image titleLieutenant Wendell B. Terry shared not only a small cement room with other prisoners of war, he also shared a special Christmas treat pieced together from a single Red Cross package. This heart-warming true story will help you see the gifts of Christmas a little differently this holiday season.

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2. Christmas Jars

by Jason Wright

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This beautiful hardcover collector's edition of Christmas Jars contains the complete text of the best-selling fictional holiday favorite as well as more than twenty true, inspiring stories of people who have experienced the Christmas Jar miracle in their own lives by either giving or receiving an anonymous jar full of coins.

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3. A Season of Love

by Carla Kelly

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At Christmastime, love is just a wish away! Join master romance writer Carla Kelly in this joyful celebration of the most wonderful time of the year. Set in Regency England, these Christmas tales will take you from dangerous adventures on snowy roads to cozy little cottages, filled with holiday mischief. Here are five fun stories wrapped up in one romantic book!

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4. The Noel Diary

by Richard Paul Evans

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Just two weeks after his wife leaves him, Jason Chercher receives a phone call that his estranged mother has passed away, days before Christmas—leaving her home and all her belongings to him. Frankly, he would like to see everything just burned., but curiosity about his past and anxiety about his future fuels him to make the drive to her home in Medford, Oregon. He thinks that maybe cleaning out her house will be slightly less depressing than spending the holidays, alone, watching re-runs of Christmas classics.

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5. Christmas Grace 

by Jennifer Moore, Krista Lynne Jensen, Anita Stansfield, and Chalon Linton

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Christmas Grace is a charming compilation some of your favorite authors of heartwarming, fictional Christmas stories. Don’t miss this group of four short stories sure to bring Christmas cheer and warmth to your evening.

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6. Winter Sky 

by Chris Stewart

Winter SkyIn a bombed-out Polish village during World War II a young resistance fighter finds that he is suddenly alone and trapped between two opposing armies. An injury has erased his memory and his only possession is a torn photograph of a couple he assumes are his parents. The woman appears to be holding the hand of a young child whose image has been ripped off. Could the child be him?

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7. Christmas Rose 

by Robyn Buttars

RoseThere's something amazing happening at Pleasant Manor—a care center at the very edge of town. Using the wondrous power of love, a little girl named Rose is creating miracles in the lives of its residents. One by one, she touches the hearts of her new friends—Cleston, Helen, Jake, Fred, and Ina—with the light of hope. Most important to Rosie, though, is Bessie.

Rosie and Bessie become inseparable best friends. Day by day Bessie teaches Rosie invaluable life lessons, including “Home is a place where you are surrounded by love.” Just before Christmas, when the woman who had taught her so much about living speaks of dying, Rosie learns what true love, beauty, and friendship really mean. Her understanding is an invaluable gift for all.

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8. Christmas on Mill Street 

by Joseph Walker

Christmas mill streetIt’s 1962, and young Sam Andrews just moved to Utah from Arizona. A tall, overweight, semi-clumsy outsider, he’s still trying to fit in with the neighborhood boys. When discussion about sledding down the infamous Mill Street begins, Sam pipes in and says he’ll do it. The problem is, Sam has seen snow only in pictures and has never actually ridden a sled. And to top it off, Mill Street is practically a vertical drop with two deadly curves. A rider going too fast can get shot right off Mill Street and into the Tuttles’ thorn-filled pyracantha bushes. But there’s no turning back now.

Readers will laugh out loud at the adventures and many poignant lessons leading up to Christmas Day and Sam’s eventual duel with Mill Street. Christmas on Mill Street is a delightful and inspirational family gift for this holiday season.

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9. Christmas at Haven 

by Anna Jones Buttimore

Christmas havenGwen Anderton is looking forward to a peaceful Christmas with her husband Edward in their beautiful home in Wales. A bed and breakfast, Haven is usually closed for the holidays, but Gwen makes an exception when her openly hostile stepson plans a visit. Additional guests, she hopes, will make things bearable.

Justin Michaelson is delighted to return to Haven, and to bring his quirky and feisty fiancée Myrtle, but his doubts over whether he should marry her are exacerbated when she takes exception to Gwen’s LDS faith.

Fading Hollywood star Jacy Grayson is filming a movie in the rugged Welsh mountains. Desperately clinging to her former fame and glory, she almost fails to recognize the love of the man who has been with her through good times and bad.

In this atmosphere of uncertainty, sparks fly as the guests are trapped at Haven by the snow. It takes all the magic of Christmas and the faith and love of their remarkable hostess to restore the light and joy the guests long for, even as she comes to realize this Christmas at Haven may be her last.

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10. Home and Away: A World War II Christmas Story 

by Dean Hughes

Home and away cover.fNorma Hayes has always tried to make Christmas special for her family, but this year it is going to be difficult. Money is tight, and wartime rationing is taking its toll as well. Harder still, her oldest son, Glen, is on the front lines of the battle in Europe.

Glen Hayes wants nothing more than to be home for Christmas. He holds a sprig of lavender in his pocket. The scent reminds him of his mother. The memory of home may be the only thing that is keeping him alive and sane during the horrors of war.

Dennis Hayes is sixteen and longs to see his older brother again. He also longs to have a relationship with his father, but most important, Dennis is determined to buy something special for his mother this Christmas—the one gift he feels certain she deserves.

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Bonus Read:

In Mary's Arms 

by Mary Holland McCann

In Mary's ArmsDuring the season in which we celebrate Christ’s birth, it is natural to want to be more like Him, to try to live the way He lived—selflessly and generously. But how did Jesus Christ come to be who He was? How did He come to embody these attributes that we try so hard at Christmastime (and should try all the time) to emulate? As the literal Son of God, He received the gift of mortality from his mother, Mary. Mary would have been the one to teach Him to walk and talk. She would have been the one to dry His tears and smile when He laughed. Hers would have been the face He first saw expressing the love of God.

Mary—called upon to nurture the Savior of the World—is a remarkable example of quiet, resilient faith and courage in the face of adversity. As we celebrate Christmas, it is fitting to consider what we know about Mary in the Nativity story and determine what characteristics qualified her for her tremendous calling. What was it about her that made her capable of such responsibility? What might we learn from Mary that will help us in our own journeys?

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