12 Times U.S. Presidents Spoke in the Tabernacle

12. Jimmy Carter

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Photo from When the White House Comes to Zion, courtesy of Ronald L. Fox

November 27, 1978

President Jimmy Carter was presented with the Family Unity Award by President Spencer W. Kimball during National Family Week. In his subsequent speech at the Tabernacle, he started by saying:

“I'm honored to be here with you in this beautiful place. I came a little earlier than the audience may have known, and I was pleased to watch the absolutely delightful and memorable television spots that remind all of us who are members of families what our duties are, to hear the Primary Children's Chorus singing "I Am a Child of God," to hear the Lamanite Generation, Native Americans, singing "Go, My Son," and then, of course, to come in and meet the Osmond family, which is a very famous and admirable group in our Nation.”

He then later said:

“Your great church epitomizes to me what a family ought to be—a church that believes, through moral imperative, in strong families, in individualism, the right to be different, but the opportunity and even duty to grow as a human being, to prepare oneself for greater service. The relief society organized by your church has brought blessings to tens of thousands of people, not in a highly publicized way, but in a quiet and effective way.”
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