12 Times U.S. Presidents Spoke in the Tabernacle

6. Herbert C. Hoover

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Photo courtesy of Ronald L. Fox

November 7, 1932

While campaigning for reelection in Utah, President Herbert Hoover addressed over 10,000 people in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. He started by referring back to his Utah roots:

“This is by no means my first visit to Salt Lake City. I came from the West, and one of my first professional engagements was the responsibility of carrying a chain and driving stakes on a ditch line in this State.
“It has been a great relief and great stimulation in the last two days to come back to the West where I was born and reared. So I come to your State as no stranger.”

He, of course, addressed concerns connected to the severe economic depression of the time and his determination to avoid war:

“I see war's fatal poison subtly invading the moral ideals of the people, bringing grossness and cynicism where should grow the fine flower of idealism. The world has seen enough of a postwar peace that is not peace, but rather smolders on in racial hatreds.
“For these reasons, it has been a major purpose through all of my administration to guide the foreign policy of this Nation so as to maintain our traditional peace with amity with all nations.”
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