15 Conference Moments No One Saw Coming

11. When President Hinckley Challenged Elder Nelson to a Duel (October 1997)

During his October 1997 conference address, Elder Russell M. Nelson praised President Hinckley for his exemplary life and spiritual example. Soon afterward, President Hinckley, with the good humor we all grew to love, stood at the pulpit and quipped, “I thought we were conducting general conference. It's turned out to be a funeral.” He then caused the entire assembly to erupt into laughter when he added, completely straight-faced, that Elder Nelson had “taken extreme liberty. I challenge him to a duel down in the basement of the Tabernacle right after this meeting.” When President Hinckley sat down, President Thomas S. Monson stood to speak and offered to backup the prophet with President James E. Faust. 

Fortunately for Elder Nelson, the duel was cancelled two talks later when President Hinckley stood and said, “Brother Nelson, I’ve repented. Thanks very much for your kind words. We’ll postpone the duel.” 

12. When President Monson Wiggled His Ears (April 2008)

Attendees of the April 2008 priesthood session laughed along with President Monson when he told the story of the boy he wiggled his ears for in a stake conference. Imagine their surprise when he demonstrated it himself! 

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