15 Conference Moments No One Saw Coming

13. When LeGrand Richards Completely Ignored His Time Limit and Continued to Speak 


Photo from the New Georgia Encyclopedia

In general conference today, you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who speaks past their time limit, mainly because each talk is written to an exact and strict length in order to fit into the allotted broadcast space. Back in the day of Elder LeGrand Richards, however, time limits weren’t always kept.

Elder Richards was well-known for not preparing his speeches, even when prepared speeches were mandatory later. He also had a habit of speaking for long periods of time. 

When conference was still held in the Tabernacle, an amber light and a red light were installed in the pulpit which would be flashed to signal that the speaker needed to wrap up his or her talk. The first time Elder Richards spoke with the lights, he ignored them completely, saying “Someone’s put a silly light up here” and “I’ll just put my hand over it.” He proceeded to do just that. 

14. When that Guy Photobombed the Closing Footage of Conference (April 2011)


If you were watching conference via satellite broadcast three years ago, you probably remember this young man who stood up directly in front of the camera, turned, and gave a huge grin during some of the last footage of the April session. Talk about a photo opportunity! 

15. When President Hinckley Jokingly Knighted President Eyring (October 2007)


Photo by Jeffrey D. Allred of Deseret News

Another funny President Hinckley moment occurred right after Elder Henry B. Eyring was sustained as a counselor in the First Presidency. As President Eyring took his new seat at the front of the Conference Center, President Hinckley walked from the pulpit and lovingly "knighted" him by tapping him on the head with his cane.

What are some unexpected or surprising Conference moments you remember? Share them with us below! 

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