20 Things You Didn't Know About Temple Square at Christmastime

by | Dec. 22, 2017



20 Things You Didn't Know about Temple Square at Christmastime

Photo from Mormon Newsroom

10. When selecting the first nativities to be displayed on Temple Square, Church officials couldn't find one that fit LDS beliefs (for example, the angels couldn't have wings). When they finally found one, it was placed outside the North Visitors Center. However, after the weather took a heavy toll on the set, officials saved the display by coating the pieces in a special white fiberglass paint. This is the creche now displayed on and around the reflecting pool in front of the temple. 

11. Visitors can listen to a recording of the Christmas story as told by President Thomas S. Monson at the nativity located between the Tabernacle and the North Visitors' Center. You can listen every 15 minutes during visiting hours each day until New Year's Eve. 

12. At least six world nativities decorate the grounds. These beautiful displays pay homage to the worldwide nature of the Church. Some of the ethnic nativities include features from New Zealand, Native American culture, Oriental culture, and South America.

13. In the North visitor's center, the paintings of Christ on the main floor have been replaced with image stills from the Church's movie, The Nativity:

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