20 Things Every Missionary Needs In the Mission Field

1. New Set of Scriptures

Every new missionary needs a new set of scriptures before they leave on a mission. This quad includes the LDS edition of the King James Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. It contains all the scripture study aids found in the Bible and triple combination. Bound with a beautiful simulated leather cover, this book is sure to last the entire two years or 18-months. 
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2. Luke Necktie

Elders don't have the chance to choose their wardrobe or be stylish when they wear a suit 24/7. However, a snazzy new tie is just the spark of personality they need. We'd like to introduce Deseret Book's new line of "Called" neckties. They are made of 100% polyester fiber making them easy to clean and suitable for everyday wear. It is available in 12 styles and will make the perfect gift and an excellent addition to your missionaries wardrobe.
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3. Black Mission Belt

Distributor - Mission Belt Co. - Deseret Book No more stretched-out holes or compromising on size! Mission Belts don't have holes and adjust every 1/4 inch for a perfect fit. These high-quality leather belts won't crack like traditional belts. BONUS: One dollar from every belt goes to fight hunger and poverty worldwide!

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4. Men's Valiant Sandalwood Watch

Your missionary can't be on time to appointments without a sturdy watch! And it doesn't hurt that this watch is styling as well. 
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5. Lucy Missionary Bag

Not only is this bag too cute for words, but it is water resistant and has space for a water bottle, an umbrella, pamphlets, DVDs, and copies of The Book of Mormon. If you hadn’t guessed already, this bag was made especially for sister missionaries. Your sister missionary will thank you profusely when she is walking for miles every day with a comfortable bag full of missionary gear.
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6. Embark Missionary Bag

Books, pamphlets, DVDs, pass-along cards, planners, pencils—missionaries carry so many things them every day, why not give them the gift of a comfortable bag to hold it all? This bag was created with missionaries in mind. It has pockets for pass-along cards, DVDs, planners, umbrellas, water bottles, and more. Your missionary will appreciate this comfortable bag when they are walking for miles toting proselyting gear. 
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7. Called to Serve Missionary Journal

Designed especially for missionaries, this journal includes pages to record personal history, line of authority, companions, special dates, and more. Sized slightly smaller than standard scriptures, they are ideal for travel. The perfect gift for your missionary out in the field, or leaving in a week!
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8. The Missionary Collection

This collection brings together four top-selling albums sure to provide inspiration to hasten the work. Featuring "Called to Serve," "Praise to the Man," "Teach Me to Walk in the Light," and "This Is the Christ," this four-disc set is the perfect gift for missionaries at home and abroad.
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9. Deluxe Shoe Shine Kit

This shoe shine kit will be extremely useful for your missionary. He will be able to keep his scuffed up shoes looking nice before they hit the streets to preach the gospel. The kit includes a brush, black and neutral shoe polish, and polish cloth packed in a compact tin.
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10. Mission Ready Towel

Packing your whole life up every few months is not easy, but missionaries find themselves doing just that. This towel was designed with missionaries in mind. The towel is full sized (50” x 30”) but folds into the size of a book. Super absorbent, light-weight, and easy to pack, every missionary needs a towel like this. Give one to yours! 
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11. Erasable Scripture Crayons

With at least two hours of dedicated study a day, missionaries are always finding something new in the scriptures. Make sure your missionary has scripture markers so he or she can save find them again. This affordable set of scriptures markers contains 12 erasable crayons, so there’s a color for everything. The perfect gift for every missionary-scriptorian. 
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12. Stealth Tungsten CTR Ring

This elegant tungsten CTR ring is easily the coolest CTR ring made for men and your missionary will surely thank you for it.

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13. Antiqued Bow CTR Ring

This lovely CTR ring is perfect for sister missionaries. This sterling silver ring has eight stones set into it. Give your missionary the gift of a beautiful ring that reminds her to choose the right while she is away serving her mission.
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14. Angel Moroni Oil Vial Keychain

Elders are regularly called on to give blessings. Made to take everywhere, this beautifully crafted, chrome-plated, solid brass oil vial is a convenient way to carry consecrated oil. This vial features a zinc alloy keychain and a new, improved leak-proof sealing system. The perfect gift for missionaries.
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15. Mini Spiral-Bound Preach My Gospel

Missionaries read Preach my Gospel dozens of times throughout their missions, but the book rarely leaves the apartment. Now, with this pocket-sized version, missionaries will take this book everywhere with them to study and teach on the go. The perfect gift for the gospel scholar in every missionary!
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16. Bike Lights

Missionaries ride bikes a lot, like a lot a lot. At the end of the day, when your missionary is riding home, make sure he or she has a bike light that will never fail. The battery-free, Mission Ready Bike Light operates through a crank that yields 40 minutes of light with just one minute of cranking. Built to last two years or longer, this bike light is the perfect light for every missionary!
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17. Lengthen Your Stride Stripe Socks

Help your missionary keep his feet warm, dry, and stylish with these Lengthen You Stride striped socks. 
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18. Salt Lake Temple Doorknob Necklace

Your sister missionary may or may not be in a mission with access to the temple. This simple yet meaningful necklace will help her keep the temple close to her heart at all times as she serves the Lord.
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19. Army of Helaman Tie Bar

This fun tie bar will be perfect for your Elder. It will be a constant reminder that he is marching forth every day to proclaim the truth of the gospel to the world. 
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20. Retro Alarm Clock

If your missionary thought waking up for high school was a struggle, they are in for even earlier wake-up calls on their mission! This compact alarm clock will help them wake up on time each and every morning.
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