25 LDS Comics from Beloved Cartoonist Val Chadwick Bagley

Val Chadwick Bagley--aka the Cartoonist Guy--has been publishing Mormon cartoons for a quarter of a century but drawing them since about the time he could hold a pencil. His passion combined with his optimistic outlook and quirky sense of humor make for an irrepressible mix and have helped Bagley establish himself as one of the most beloved, popular, and recognizable LDS cartoonists.

At the age of 7 Bagley submitted his first cartoon to the Friend. Throughout his school years and during his time in the mission field, Bagley filled his notebooks with inspiring yet humorous caricatures. All of this practice made its impact by the time Bagley was looking into starting his career.

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While sitting in the temple contemplating whether he should pursue a future as an artist, Bagley ran across Helaman 12:2. After reading the word "art" in this verse, Bagley had a strong feeling that he needed to pursue his passion. "I know our Heavenly Father gave every one of us talents," Bagley told KSL news. "And he wouldn’t have given us those talents if He didn’t have a purpose for them."

Bagley published his first cartoon in the New Era in 1978, kicking off his impressive portfolio. Now, with over 50 children's books, games, puzzles, and, of course, his notable cartoons, Bagley has had a full career of entertaining Mormons, helping little kids stay quiet in sacrament, and uplifting people worldwide.

Check out these 25 hilarious cartoons to celebrate Bagley's 25 years of laughs.

25 Comics from Beloved LDS Cartoonist Val Bagley

25 Comics from Beloved LDS Cartoonist Val Bagley

Image title25 Comics from Beloved LDS Cartoonist Val Bagley25 Comics from Beloved LDS Cartoonist Val Bagley

25 Comics from Beloved LDS Cartoonist Val Bagley

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