5 Profound Insights from "The Infinite Atonement"

2) The Atonement was infinite in more ways than one.

A significant part of Elder Callister’s book describes the meaning and the word “infinite,” especially as it is used with the word “Atonement.” He explains that the Atonement is infinite in eight specific ways:

“First, as Elder Maxwell has suggested, it is ‘infinite in the divineness of the one sacrificed.’ The title of that stirring song, ‘O Divine Redeemer,’ is an apt reminder that he who brought about the Atonement is the consummate expression of godliness.
“Second, it is infinite in power. The Savior went from grace to grace until he ‘received all power, both in heaven and on earth’ (D&C 93:17).
“Third, the Atonement is infinite in time. It applies retroactively and prospectively through time immemorial.
“Fourth, it is infinite in coverage. It applies to all God’s creations and all forms of life thereon. Elder Maxwell called it ‘infinite . . . in the comprehensiveness of its coverage.’
“Fifth, it is infinite in depth. It is infinite not only in who it covers, but in what it covers. ‘The Son of Man hath descended below them all’ (D&C 122:8).
“Sixth, it is infinite in the degree of suffering endured by the Redeemer. It was that suffering that caused ‘even God, the greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, and to bleed at every pore’ (D&C 19:18).
“Seventh, it is infinite in love. The words of the hymn ‘He Died! The Great Redeemer Died’ are a powerful reminder of his boundless love: 'Here’s love and grief beyond degree; The Lord of glory died for men.'
“Eighth, it is infinite in the blessings it bestows. The blessings of the Atonement extend far beyond its well-known triumph over physical and spiritual death. Some of these blessings overlap; some complement and supplement each other; but in the aggregate the effect of this event so blesses our lives in a multiplicity of ways, both known and yet to be discovered, that it might appropriately be said to be infinite in its blessing nature” (page 60).

Read The Infinite Atonement for additional study and in-depth discussion on each of these points.

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