5 Ways to Combat Shame in the Church

Shame can be a very hard thing to deal with in the Church. Those struggling with pornography, sex addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, and many other sins are especially prone to feel shame, but others can feel shame as well.

We want members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to avoid shame. Here are 5 tips you can do to try to combat shame in the Church.

1. Stop the Gossip  gossip leads to shame

Talking about other people never helps. When it comes to shame, gossip can be extremely hurtful.

Several years ago, I overheard a conversation between a missionary who had returned home early and one of his good friends. It was the first time the two friends had met since the missionary returned home. After some light conversation, the friend said to the returned missionary, “I heard you came home because of your girlfriend.”

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