6 Ways to Turn Sunday Priesthood Meetings from Awful to Awesome

What if we made our final hour of church into a Third Hour of Power™? I’m gonna toss you a few ideas – things to start sourcing into your quorums – and let’s try to win that time back and make it into something we look forward to and don’t dread, or worse –  become increasingly apathetic towards. Add more ideas in the comments as you think of them.

1. Bring Music Back – For some reason, the Relief Society has the market cornered on breaking up the agenda with musical numbers. Music is a form of worship, folks! It doesn’t have to be relegated to sacrament meeting. Men, contrary to popular belief, can often play an instrument or sing a song. There are few things better than giving up five minutes of a lesson for a killer rendition of “If You could Hie to Kolob” or other powerful hymns. Think of the quiet power of being able to put down your head and have a solid prayer for a minute or two while someone plays or sings. Or, if no men are down with sharing their talents, invite anyone who can perform to come assist. Get the 10-year old who can finally pull off “Praise to the Man” on the viola. Whoever it is, bring music back.

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