8 Mormons Who Rocked It on the Ellen Degeneres Show

Titus Ashby

All-star Titus Ashby has been a YouTube sensation since he was 2 years old. It was at that age that he took on Shaquille O'Neal on"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" At 3 years old, Titus took on and conquered both Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum.

And Titus' fame and talent keep growing. Ellen Degeneres and Steve Harvey recently teamed up to create a new show, Little Big Shots, where Titus astounded and charmed viewers. Check it out!

David Archuleta

Shortly after his debut on American Idol, David Archuleta appeared on Ellen, where Ellen Degeneres got Archuleta to tell the story behind why he's called "lettuce boy."

Lucky Blue Smith

When Lucky Blue Smith suddenly took off as one of the hottest male models in the U.S. and the U.K., Ellen Degeneres decided to have a little chat with him to learn more about his success and his background.