15 Famous People Who Have Spoken in the Tabernacle

15. Charles A. Lindbergh

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Photo from the Salt Lake Police Department, courtesy of Ronald L. Fox

September 3, 1927

As the first man to every fly across the Atlantic Ocean, Charles A. Lindbergh was warmly welcomed to Salt Lake City. Thousands came to see him land on the little Woodward flying field, which would later become the Salt Lake International Airport.

The Improvement Era from the time reports:

“The city was gaily decorated with flags and bunting, the shop windows displayed pictures of the flier in all possible and impossible poses. Thousands of admirers, male and female, thronged the flying-field, the streets, Liberty Park, and the Tabernacle, to see and hear the famous bird-man, who gave the impression of being tired of all the fuss, not to say bored by it. However, the Colonel acknowledged the enthusiasm of Salt Lake City’s population . . . he is a clean young man, with unusual strength of character and unsurpassed courage and skill in his line of activity.”
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Photo courtesy of Ronald L. Fox