How Lightning Strike Survivor and Latter-day Saint Defied the Odds, Relied on Faith for Recovery

“I’ve found that the more you rely upon God and your faith, you find that you have the tools to overcome anything," A.J. Edwards said. 

Lightning doesn’t cross A.J. Edwards’s mind when he wakes each morning. He doesn’t step outside and scan the skies for storm clouds. He’s not even rattled by sudden claps of thunder.

“I can go a long time without even thinking about lightning,” he said.

But don’t be mistaken—lightning has shaped, defined, and refined much of Edwards’s life over the past two decades.

On September 30, 1998, 12-year-old A.J. and his Little League football team in Inkom, Idaho, were on the field scrimmaging. Seemingly out of nowhere, a bolt of lightning struck A.J., knocking him unconscious and near death.

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