Memorable Behind-the-Scenes Story After Donny Osmond & Michael Jackson Presented on the American Music Awards (+ Video)

For Michael Jackson's birthday on August 29, Donny Osmond shared a humorous story of an adventure they had after he and Jackson presented together at the American Music Awards.

Osmond always considered Jackson his "brother from another mother." In an interview with Utah Valley 360, Osmond said: "I grew up parallel with Michael Jackson. The last time I talked to him, he called from Phoenix. The phone rang and I knew immediately it was him.

"I asked where he was, and at first he said he couldn’t tell me. This is when everything was hitting the fan. We are like brothers from a different mother. I told him he was just a nine-hour drive from Provo.

"I said, 'Dude, get in the car, bring your kids here. They can sleep in the backyard and nobody will know you are here.' I knew he needed the normalcy and solitude of Provo for a minute. There is nothing normal about show business. He didn’t take me up on the offer and I’ve always been sad about that."

Recently, on Facebook, Donny Osmond shared this memorable video, but what is even better is the behind-the-scenes story he told along with it:

I've been thinking a lot about my friend Michael Jackson on his birthday today.
One of the funniest memories I have with him was in 1974 right after we presented these awards at the very first American Music Awards.
After the ceremony, Mike turned to me and said, "Are you hungry?" We hopped in our limo, drove over to Jack in the Box and ordered a whole bunch of tacos. We opened up the top of the limo, stuck our heads out and drove down Sunset Boulevard eating tacos and laughing our heads off.
Mike and I had a lot in common and had the greatest conversations about life. We were both the seventh of nine children. We both performed in a group with our brothers and our mother's even shared a birthday. He understood the unique pressures and expectations of the entertainment business that became our reality at a very young age. He would tell me that I was the only person on the planet who understood exactly what he went through in his childhood. I could say the same thing about him. I sure miss him and I'm excited to see him again someday.
Mike was a true genius. He might be gone, but his legacy and his music will never die. Happy birthday, friend.