New Music Video Shows LDS Violinist Soar Over BYU in Hot Air Balloon

Award-winning LDS violinist Rob Landes released a new music video that quite literally soared to new heights.

Not only did he perform a beautiful arrangement of Louis Armstrong's famous hit, "What a Wonderful World," but he played it from high above Provo, Utah, in a hot air balloon. Backdropped by beautiful Mount Timpanogos and the iconic "Y" on the hill, Landes creates a beautiful video to match his arrangement.

On his Instagram account, Landes called the music video a "one-of-a-kind experience." The talented violinist has been playing the violin since he was 3 years old and studied music at Brigham Young University, which was a special place for him.

"The most powerful spiritual experience I've ever had was as a freshman at BYU, as I was practicing late one night," Landes said. "I had been struggling to know what I should major in, and what path my life should take, but that night as I was playing, I had the overwhelming and undeniable confirmation that I would be pursuing music for the rest of my life."

Watch his breathtaking music video below:

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