One Powerful Promise or Invitation from Every Talk Given During the April 2018 General Conference

by | Apr. 04, 2018

Mormon Life

Saturday Afternoon Session

David A. Bednar

"I testify that Jesus Christ is our resurrected and living Redeemer. And I promise that He will guide, protect, and strengthen us as we walk in the meekness of His Spirit."

Taylor G. Godoy

"In other words, if we will offer to the Lord the sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit, immediately the blessings of the great plan of happiness are manifest in our lives."

Bonnie L. Oscarson

"I encourage you young women to raise your hands to volunteer and to put those hands to work when you see needs around you. As you fulfill your covenant responsibilities and participate in building the kingdom of God, blessings will flow into your life and you’ll discover the deep and lasting joy of discipleship."

Taniela B. Wakolo

"I invite each of us to ask ourselves, 'What ordinances, including the sacrament, do I need to receive, and what covenants do I need to make, keep, and honor?' I promise that participating in ordinances and honoring the associated covenants will bring you marvelous light and protection in this ever-darkening world."

Devin G. Durrant

"There will always be opposition to holding family home evening. Regardless, I invite you to find a way around the obstacles and make family home evening a priority—and make fun a key ingredient."

Dale G. Renlund

"When we gather our family histories and go to the temple on behalf of our ancestors, God fulfills promised blessings simultaneously on both sides of the veil."

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