The Most Common Parenting Mistake & Why It's So Harmful

While attending baseball and soccer games for his sons, one dad couldn't help but notice how a few of the other parents were handling things. He then realized he was making the most common parenting mistake—one we all make.

Though I am annoyed and frustrated as I write this article, please don’t discount the content as the article draws on research and the principles are sound.

Likewise, though I was outraged at the extreme behavior of these two parents, please know that I don’t pretend to be a perfect parent myself—far from it.

That said, I am a bit angry!

Last week I attended my 12-year-old son’s baseball game. Like his father, this child adores the game of baseball and generally has a good time win or lose.

On this particular evening, the starting catcher was out of town. The young man who was catching was not as experienced and missed a few balls and made a few errant throws. Honestly, this child’s performance wasn’t much different than most of the other boys on the team.

However, I quickly started to feel awful for this young catcher—but not because of his baseball skills.

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