Watch: Latter-day Saints Bring "Frozen" to Life in Music Video That Took 4+ Years to Create

by | Feb. 20, 2019


With the release of the Frozen 2 trailer, many Disney fans are excitedly preparing to watch another Anna and Elsa adventure this November. In honor of the new trailer, Working with Lemons recently released a music video that has been four years in the making. After Frozen's release in 2013, the Latter-day Saint family released several music videos bringing the movie to life. Among them was "Do You Want to Build a Snowman," which received more than 488 million views.

Working with Lemons recently remastered this music video, refilming the middle sequence. Now, the video shows an 8-year-old Mia Bagley—who plays young Anna—and a 13-year-old Mia Bagley—who plays the teenaged Anna. Working with Lemons plans to refilm the final scene years from now to include Bagley as an adult.

Watch Working with Lemons' viral "Let It Go—In Real Life" music video.

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