What the Wives of the 12 Apostles Have Said About Their Husbands

The prophet and apostles are not only wonderful leaders in the Church, they are also exceptional husbands and fathers. Learn more about their character by reading what has been said by the women who know them best.

President Russell M. Nelson

President Nelson met Dantzel White in 1942 when they were both cast as members of the play Hayfoot, Strawfoot at the University of Utah. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple three years later.

President Nelson and his wife, Danztel White

President Nelson and his wife, Dantzel White Nelson. Image from lds.org.

An excerpt from President Nelson's biography, Russell M. Nelson: Father, Surgeon, Apostle, gives us insight into President Nelson's character from Dantzel's perspective:

[When] President Harold B. Lee asked Dantzel how she would cope with raising a large family while her husband served as general superintendent of the Sunday School and worked as a busy heart surgeon, Dantzel replied simply, "When he's home, he's home." President Lee repeated that comment throughout the length and breadth of the Church when encouraging busy priesthood leaders to focus more upon their families in giving them their undivided attention.

After Dantzel's passing in 2005, President Nelson married Wendy L. Watson. She often accompanies and speaks with him as he travels to fulfill his prophetic duties.

President Nelson and his wife, Wendy Watson Nelson

President Nelson and his wife, Wendy Watson Nelson. Photo from lds.org.

At the conclusion of their 11-day, three-continent world tour, Sister Wendy Nelson spoke of the change she has seen in her husband since his call to be the prophet. In her talk at BYU-Hawaii, she stated,

During our 12 years of marriage I have been accustomed to my husband being awakened during the night with ideas for and refinements to general conference talks. But since becoming President of the Church, the frequency and abundance of the messages to him from heaven have increased exponentially. . . . I can take any witness stand in any nation on earth and testify that I know that President Russell Marion Nelson has been called by God to be the living prophet of the Lord on the earth today.

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President and Sister Nelson finishing their global tour in Laie, Hawaii. Photo from lds.org.

President Dallin H. Oaks

President Oaks met June Dixon during his freshman year at Brigham Young University. They were sealed in the summer of 1952 and enjoyed 40 years of marriage together.

Of her husband, June stated:

He's like his mother in that he never, never criticizes anyone. I've never heard him say anything unkind about anyone, and we've been married almost 30 years.

Elder and Sister Oaks on their Wedding Day

Dallin Oaks and his bride, June Dixon, at their wedding in 1952. Image from lds.org.

Several years following June's death, in the year 2000, President Oaks married Kristen McMain in the Salt Lake Temple. In her book, A Single Voice, she shares, 

When I met my husband I met my best friend. There was romance, but more important, I found someone I felt comfortable with—someone with whom I could pull weeds in the garden, wash dishes, pray, and confer over problems. I enjoyed his company more than anyone else's and came to depend on his honest feedback and wise advice. I could confide in him, and I had complete confidence in him. He would also laugh at my jokes.

Elder Oaks and his wife, Kristen

Elder Oaks with his wife Kristen at Oxford University campus. Photo from lds.org.

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President Henry B. Eyring

Henry Eyring and Kathleen Johnson met in Boston, where he was serving in the district presidency and she was attending summer school. They were sealed in the Logan Temple by President Spencer W. Kimball in 1962.

President Eyring and his wife, Kathy, at their wedding

Henry and Kathy Erying at their wedding. Photo from LDS Living.

In describing her husband's character, Kathy stated:

Steadiness—that is one of the best adjectives to describe him. He is a wonderful husband and father, very caring. One of the things I appreciate most about Hal is his sensitivity to the Spirit, which he brings into our home.

President Eyring and his wife, Kathy

President and Sister Eyring at the dedication of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication. Image from lds.org.

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