Woman Creates LDS-Themed Sugar Cookies That Are Almost Too Amazing to Eat

Check out these incredible and delectable treats created for Latter-day Saint events from baptisms to mission farewells.

While living in Utah about four years ago, Megan Patrick started decorating cookies. Now, her delectable-looking cookies are pristine works of art.

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Patrick said she has always loved baking, and it was a couple of blogs that led her to try decorating. Once she posted pictures of her cookies to Facebook, she got a request to make them for a company.

She now owns a business called Well Mixed-sweet treats and makes sugar cookies for all kinds of occasions, including christenings, book clubs, weddings, and even a dog's birthday party, she said. A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Patrick also makes cookies for mission farewells and homecomings, baptisms and baby blessings.

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Images from KSL.

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