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Watch 9-year-old Ryan Gosling in Mormon talent show

Ashley Evanson - LDS Living - June 19, 2012
source: LDS Living

Photo from Hollywood Life

Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling, who was raised LDS, hams it up at a ward talent show. He certainly seems to have always enjoyed the spotlight!

Did you know that famous actor Ryan Gosling was raised a Mormon? Before he was performing in blockbuster hits like The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid Love, he was performing on the stage of his LDS chapel in a ward talent show. Check out the video of him singing "When a Man Loves a Woman" and dancing to C+C Music Factory. It's pretty adorable.

You can also read about other famous actors who also happen to be Mormon (we like to call them Mo-lebrities).


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unchainedmelody said...

07:38 AM
on Jun 20, 2012

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Although Elvis died before he could further explore joining the church in his lifetime, his work has been done and one can inquire of the Lord to find out if he has accepted that work.

merkyl said...

07:48 AM
on Jun 20, 2012

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Another is child actor Johnny Whitaker, who played Jody in Family Affair.

moxie said...

11:34 AM
on Jun 29, 2012

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Re Ryan Gosling...I'm sorry, but why would we want to applaud a fallen brother. He is now an immoral barechested beach body playboy, and I fail to see how glorifying that is uplifting. Shame on you!!

spriteandme said...

04:37 PM
on Jun 30, 2012

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@moxie Sorry, but that is not right. It doesn't matter if he's fallen away from the church. We still need to respect him and love him as a son of God :) That's what the Church says, right?
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