"Cannot Thank You Enough": "Hamilton" Star Shares Best Tweet Thanking LDS Family History Library

by | May 02, 2018

Mormon Life

Family history—if there is one hobby Mormons are known for, it's our love of finding our ancestors. 

And we are even known for sharing this love with others, including Hamilton star Nik Walker. 

In a recent tweet, Walker thanked a man who works at the Family History Library who helped him find his ancestry along with important documents, like birth certificates for his ancestors. 

Thanks to this man, and the organization he works for, I now know that my great grandfather was a former slave turned free man, and an amazing minister. I know that my great-great-grandmother was a Mashpee Indian. I have birth certificates, death certificates, newspaper clippings... and the search is just beginning.
Heart is full. Cannot thank you enough 

Isn't it amazing how family history brings everyone together by helping people discover where they came from and gain a connection to those who came before? We are blessed to be members of a Church that focuses on bringing our eternal family closer together and accomplishing the work of salvation through family history.

Lead image from Nik Walker's Instagram
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