{Lifestyle} Making Mom Relax

by | Mar. 16, 2011


I have a lot of young mothers in my life right now--sister, sisters-in-law, best friends, ward members, and a few co-workers. It’s amazing listening to them talk about how busy their days are--I can only imagine. They are (you are) the sole caretakers of one or more little adults! Of course that is going to keep you busy.

But in addition to caring for those darling diaper draggers, we all know it is important, even vital, to take care of ourselves. If we aren’t taking care of ourselves, it’s going to be pretty difficult to do everything else we willingly sign ourselves up for.

My research gathering skills were put to the test for this post. I pulled out my phone and sent a text message (intense, I know) to a handful of these mothers in my life, and asked for their thoughts on how they find a few relaxing moments for themselves in the midst of laundry, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaning, baths, naps, and wiping away tears. 

Here is our panel:
  • One sister-in-law (35) with three kids under the age of 10
  • One sister (30) who has three kids under the age of six
  • Long-time friend (30) who has one baby under the age of one
  • Long-time friend (24) who has one baby under the age of two
  • Long-time friend (24) who has one baby under the age of two with another on the way
Here’s what they said:

   1. Grab a yummy snack and peruse through some favorite blogs for 30 minutes…now get back to work.
   2. Exercise during naps.
   3. Take a quick power nap while the kid(s) are down taking their own naps.
   4. Take a walk outside with the kids.
   5. Sit in your favorite chair and read a couple chapters out of a book, in the scriptures, the Ensign, or a magazine, instead of doing more chores.
   6. Work for 15 minutes on an on-going craft project. (If you’re not into crafts, that is A-okay. The point is, decide on something you enjoy doing, and do it.)
   7. Take a shower. (Multiple friends made this comment.)
   8. Go to the bathroom without little faces peeking in. (I got a good chuckle out of this one, and it was also submitted a couple of times.)

You take care of everyone else around you, so remember to take a few minutes for yourself--it’s okay to do! And you absolutely deserve it.

Ashley Jones practices public relations for Deseret Book. She loves writing, emailing her missionary sister, and making/ eating home-made popcorn.
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