"Meet the Mormons" Star Shares Conversion Story + Where He Is Now

by | Feb. 04, 2016

Mormon Life

It's ironic that a Church video ultimately led to Jermaine Sullivan's conversion to the Church in Alabama. And now, because of his involvement in a Church movie, Meet the Mormons, he has had the chance to share his faith and bring others to the gospel in turn.

Jermaine Sullivan maintains that when it came to participating as one of the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints featured in the documentary Meet the Mormons, any number of individuals, families or even bishops could have been chosen.

Even so, he's grateful to have been among those who were selected.

“I’m glad to have been a part,” said Sullivan, who was serving as the bishop of an LDS ward in Atlanta when his segment was filmed. “Any small part I could have played in inspiring someone else is a great honor.”

While he occasionally is recognized and approached by people in airports, he says his role was just a small part of an edifying whole.

“I think you could say, beyond my part, just the film in general was inspiring to (people),” he said. “The various stories uplifted them, and they were just an inspiration to them and their families. … They can see themselves in some aspect of each one of the participants of the film."

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