"Somebody Else Was Driving That Truck": Man Says Angel Helped Him Survive Bizarre Accident

by | Aug. 11, 2017

Makes You Think

As Latter-day Saints, we know sometimes miracles can happen in seemingly ordinary moments, but that wasn't the case for one man Tuesday evening. 

Steve Montgomery says an "angel" helped him survive a terrifying but bizarre accident as he was driving his truck on a Missouri highway.

Montgomery, 56, told KTVI that he was driving home from a painting job on Interstate 55 in Imperial at about 8:15 p.m. when a tow truck in front of him hit a driver shaft and sent it flying toward his truck. 

The shaft speared Montgomery's truck, impaling the truck where Montgomery's head was before he ducked just in time. 

Even though he had a large drive shaft in his truck's windshield blocking his vision, and he couldn't sit up straight because of the shaft, Montgomery managed to safely drive his truck off the highway, uninjured. 

"I don't know how he maintained composure, but he did not hit a car on either side of him. He was able to get to the side of the road," said Maggie Rothney who was driving the car behind Montgomery, according to kmov.com.

But Montgomery doesn't credit himself with surviving such a freak accident. 

"I think an angel was driving the truck," Montgomery told KTVI. "Somebody else was driving that truck." 

Lead image from Rock Community Fire Twitter page
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