10 Apps That Make Any Church Calling Easier

by | Mar. 18, 2015

Mormon Life

Adults and children alike are familiar with the humorous, inventive words of Dr. Seuss, but beneath the humor there are a surprising number of gospel truths to be found.

Given the overwhelming number of apps being developed daily, chances are that there's always one that’s exactly what you need: an app for Visiting Teaching reminders, an app to help write your talk, or an app that will let you transfer your Gospel Doctrine lesson plans to a substitute when you’re out of town.

But is there really an app for everything?

From Sunday School to Mutual and more, check out these already popularly used apps you can repurpose to help you with your calling:

 20134FamilySearch Tree: Great for family history consultants, area family history advisers, stake indexing directors, and family history center directors, this app is a must-have. Encourage those you teach to download FamilySearch Tree and guide them through mobile family history. This app automatically links up with your LDS account, so you’ll be able to do family history no matter where you are. Record conversations with your parents or grandparents and add photos right away to help make your ancestors’ stories come alive. 

20129 Any.Do:This app acts like a to-do list, but instead of jotting appointments down on a piece of paper, you can see your tasks at a glance and prioritize your to-do list. This app is perfect for reminders to do Home and Visiting Teaching, to prepare lessons, and to make it on time for after-church meetings. 

20135LDS Memory: This app is great for helping children learn to recognize the current Apostles and First Presidency as well as help them learn the names and faces of the previous Prophets. If you need to help quiet your kids down during sacrament meeting or teach a Primary class, this is a great way to teach them while giving them something to do.

 20130Cozi: If you can’t remember who has choir practice or when this week’s Mutual activity got rescheduled to, then Cozi is perfect for you. Cozi coordinates schedules and can be used across iPhones, Androids, and desktop computers. As long as everyone knows the shared account password, you can use this among friends as well as family and help coordinate schedules for Visiting or Home Teaching, service assignments, and other scheduled church activities.

20138Scripture Mastery: With the announcement of new seminary tests, this app is perfect for anyone looking to help out their seminary student, or brush up on scripture mastery for themselves. The app features a scoring system that can help track progress on memorization. Not only is it ideal for seminary students, it’s great for Gospel Doctrine teachers and Young Men and Young Women leaders. It’s also a good sacrament meeting activity to keep teens spiritually minded.

20131Dropbox: With Dropbox, you can put up to 2GB of files into your own personal storage for free. You can also share these files with anyone just by sending them a link. Send documents or spreadsheets to people for ward councils, activity planning committees, or any other callings where you need to coordinate digital files with others.  You can also transfer files across multiple devices and your home computer with one account. This app is also great for backing up lesson plans in case the unforeseen computer crash occurs Saturday night.

20132DuoLingo:DuoLingo teaches you a foreign language of your choice, but does so in a fun manner that feels like a game instead of a boring lesson.  This kind of knowledge is great for family history, indexing, ward missionaries, or even just brushing up on your mission language. DuoLingo developers are constantly working on new languages.

20133Evernote:Have you ever had a burst of inspiration for a lesson or a talk you’re preparing but weren't near your computer to write it down? Evernote is perfect for putting your ideas into one place. It even allows you to take pictures, record audio, and store it based on keywords. These bits of information are also searchable in case you end up having a lot of great ideas on the go and need to sort through them later.

20139WardPlan: This recently released app is designed with bishops in mind. This app encourages leaders to make assignments and know they’re getting fulfilled. It also encourages ward members to reach out to investigators and give specific assignments to those families. It comes with a built-in group and private messaging feature so leaders can communicate across long distances.

20136LDS Youth: Designed for the younger members of the church, this app is chock-full of youth-oriented content. Videos, articles, photo galleries, and even music are all at their fingertips. Young Men and Young Women leaders could even use some of this content to create a lesson and connect with their classes better. This app can help young men and young women generate ideas for talks as well.

Other apps many members use to assist in their callings are things like the Gospel Library for Sunday School lessons, LDS Hymns for when you can’t find a hymnal, and LDS Tools to find the phone number of other members. These apps and others made by the Church can be found here.

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