10 Gifts for Mormon Grads (Under $20)

by | May 24, 2014

Mormon Life


1. Major Decisions by Henry J Eyring

15388 Having doubts about higher education? Maybe you're thinking about attending college but wonder whether it's worth the cost. Or maybe you're already a college student and are worried about whether you'll be able to get a good job in your field. You're right to be thinking about these issues.

In this book Henry J Eyring gives sensible advice for college students and those leaving for college. Your grad will thank you for the priceless advice found in this book.

2. Drawing Out the Dragons by James A Owen

15392 We all have a grand destiny, but sometimes we feel we lack the power to achieve it. But we always have the power to choose. Drawing Out the Dragons has the power to uplift, inspire, and change lives. Motivational and inspirational, this book is ideal for graduates, dreamers, or anyone making life’s most important choices.

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3. After Graduation by Andrew Horton

15391 “You’re graduating from high school? Well, it’s about time!” says Andrew Horton. “In fact, it’s all about time, isn’t it?” As youth of the Church, you have been told by a prophet of God, “The decisions you make now will determine much of what will follow during your life and throughout eternity.” As a high school graduate, you are at a crucial decision-making time in your life — and the clock is ticking. What are you going to do with your time? This practical book is the perfect gift for your high school grad.

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4. Oh, the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss

15390 What kind of grad gift guide would this be if we didn’t mention Dr. Seuss’ timeless classic Oh, the Places You’ll Go? This book captures the wonder and excitement of new adventures, and has enthralled readers for four generations. A perfect gift for graduates ready to tackle the next stage of life!

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5. Suit Up by Various Authors


High school graduates everywhere are answering the call to serve a mission. From the bestselling authors that brought you Armor Up! This unique little book is intended to help teens get ready for all they will encounter as they embark on the unique adventure of missionary work. This book is perfect for your high school grad who is preparing for, or thinking about serving a mission.

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6. Follow Your Dreams by Various Authors

15393 While the demands of our waking hours may cause us to stray from the path of our dreams, our inner yearnings remain. Follow Your Dreams is full of wisdom from the likes of Emily Bronte, Oscar Wilde, Victor Hugo, and many more. This invitingly priced gift book is perfect for your graduate on the horizon of life's greatest decisions.

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7. Live, Love, Laugh by Various Authors

15395 “We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released” (Jean Houston). Packed with quotations on living, loving, and laughing, this little book will rejuvenate you with insights from J. R. R. Tolkein, J. K. Rowling, Steve Jobs, Carl Sagan, and many more. This book will encourage your grad to follow the high road to happiness and never forget the epic possibility of each and every moment. 

8. A Year of Powerful Prayer by Various Authors

15397 Have you ever felt that your prayers don't get past the ceiling, that God just doesn't hear anything you pray for? Do you sometimes wonder what it takes to get the answers you need? In A Year of Powerful Prayer, some of the most important and inspirational writings on the topic of prayer have been gathered into 365 daily devotionals, making it a perfect gift for your grad going off to school.

9. 21 Principles by Elder Richard G Scott

15389 In this exciting book, Elder Scott offers 21 principles distilled from his life experiences. These “concentrated truths” illustrate valuable principles for everyone. Elder Scott's brief explanations open the way for discovery and exploration and is a perfect gift for a high school grad ready to start college or a mission.

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10. Be Happy by Monica Sheehan

15394 This sweet and inspirational book reminds us of the simple things that really do make for a happier life: making friends, being thankful, dreaming big, and most of all — being happy! An ideal gift for graduates, newlyweds, new parents, or anyone starting down a new road in life, this jacketed hardcover edition contains all the original content from the board book, along with a bookplate and additional text and artwork.

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