10 Incredible Blessings God Never Wants You to Forget

by | Sep. 10, 2015

Mormon Life

MR says: God surrounds us with blessings, so much so that often we begin taking the most important blessings for granted. But here are a few blessings you should never forget.

Everyone receives blessing in his or her life. Most of us recognize the blessings we receive and are thankful for them and wish for more. For some it is more difficult to recognize the blessings because they may fail to see them. But there are some blessings that God never wants you to forget.

We Are His Children That He loves

Perhaps, the number one blessing is knowing God is our Heavenly Father who loves each of us. Knowing we have a loving Father in Heaven should help us remember He is there for us through every trial we go through. Most of our earthly fathers are our heroes, and we love them very much. Heavenly Father is the same way, and we should never forget His love, truly an eternal blessing.

Your Body

Your body is a miracle! Think about talking, listening to a child's laughter, smelling lilacs in the spring, touching the floor when you get out of bed each morning, jumping and skipping. Bodies are just incredible. Even as we grow older, we can continue to take care of them, and they will serve us well.

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