10 Mission Opportunities for Seniors

by | Mar. 10, 2015

Mormon Life

The types of missionary experiences available to seniors are as diverse as the people who fill them. Options exist both at home and abroad, in the field and at Church headquarters, for long periods of time or for a few hours a week. If the options seem overwhelming, here’s a simple list of 10 mission opportunities for seniors. Learn more about these opportunities by visiting LDS.org.

1. Member and Leader Support

Most full-time senior missionaries serve in Member and Leader Support assignments. These missionaries are assigned to missions around the world and help share the gospel, reactivate less-active Church members, teach new converts, serve young single adults and support local leaders.

Some in this category also serve as administrators in mission offices. These missionaries help the mission president with logistical concerns, including missionary travel, housing and transportation.

2. Visitors Centers and Historic sites

Couples who serve at the Church’s visitors’ centers and historic sites serve for six, 12, 18 or 23 months. Potential missionaries can submit applications anytime, but because some assignments are seasonal, some applications have deadlines.

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