10 Sunday-Appropriate Activities to Beat Boredom

by | Jun. 14, 2015

Mormon Life

Sunday is a day of rest, but for kids, (and let’s be honest, adults too,) it can quickly turn into a day of boredom. Here are some meaningful boredom-busting activities for you and your family to do before you all drive each other crazy.

1. Get outside

Being outdoors is one of the best mood-boosting activities you can do. Take a family walk around the neighborhood. If you have young children, make  it a “nature walk” and invite each child to pick out an item in nature (a leaf, flower, or bug if you’re daring) to put in a bag and have a little “show and tell” with the family when you get home.

2. Play family trivia

Come up with a list of trivia questions about your family and some about you and your spouse from before you had children, and have your kids guess the answers.

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