10 Times President Uchtdorf Summed Up Life Perfectly

We've all experienced a time when a conference talk felt like it was written for us. There are many times President Uchtdorf has said something that seems to have been taken straight from our own chaotic or contented lives. Here are 10 of our favorites:

1. "You are not alone on this journey. Your Heavenly Father knows you. Even when no one else hears you, He hears you. When you rejoice in righteousness, He rejoices with you. When you are beset with trial, He grieves with you" [Your Wonderful Journey Home, April 2013].

It's clear from this quote that President Uchtdorf knows that life can be lonely and discouraging at times. But he also reminds us that the Lord is there to empathize as well as encourage.

10 Time President Uchtdorf Summed Up Life Perfectly

2. "In family relationships love is really spelled t-i-m-e, time" [Of Things That Matter Most, October 2010].

How often do we forget that life is about more than working and eating? Don’t forget to make time for those you love and want to be with in the eternities.

3. "I want to tell you something that I hope you will take in the right way: God is fully aware that you and I are not perfect. Let me add: God is also fully aware that the people you think are perfect are not" [Forget Me Not, October 2011].

Whenever our natural man gets the better of us and we begin to fault-find with others, we should keep this inspiring reminder in mind.

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