10 Uplifting Stories You Might Have Missed to Welcome You Back from Your Social Media Fast

Welcome back! We hope your 10-day social media fast was enlightening and spiritually fulfilling as you followed the words of our prophet, President Nelson, and avoided negative influences in your life and took note of the positive ones. 

And to help keep that positive feeling from the social media fast alive, we thought we'd share with you 10 uplifting articles you may have missed. 

1. MLB Player Bryce Harper Gives President Nelson Jersey, Posts Powerful Testimony

LDS baseball player Bryce Harper with President Russell M Nelson

During conference weekend, MLB player and Latter-day Saint Bryce Harper posted his testimony of the gospel after he met with President Nelson and Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf. 

2. 36 of the Best Twitter Reactions to General Conference

Elder Bednar and Elder Cook during the October 2018 General Conference

This past general conference was full of announcements, challenges, and, of course, Twitter reactions. 

3. How Anti-Latter-day Saint Comments Compelled an Atheist to Visit a Temple (+ the Incredible Experience He Had)

Atheist visits LDS Temple

While searching for something more to life, an atheist was drawn to the gospel after the most unlikely situation: hearing a friend say anti-Latter-day Saint comments. 

4. President Grant Recounts Remarkable Dream of His Wife Visiting from the Spirit World

President Heber J Grant dreams of the Spirit World

While watching his very ill son one night, President Heber J. Grant had an incredible dream of his wife visiting from the Spirit World that would prepare him for what was to come. 

5. The Love Story of 2 Latter-day Saints Who Helped Each Other Combat Cancer

Lexi and Ricky Stafford, LDS couple battling cancer

The love story of Lexi and Ricky Stafford is almost like it was taken from a Nicholas Sparks or John Green novel: two teenagers fighting cancer meet and fall in love against all odds. But unlike a novel, these teens face real hardships, trials, and setbacks that test their faith and show their true devotion to each other. 

6. Ozzy Osbourne Visits Latter-day Saints' Goat Yoga Studio, Opens Up About His Family Life

Ozzy Osbourne tries goat yoga

After receiving a call from A&E that rockstar legend Ozzy Osbourne was coming to their goat yoga studio, Latter-day Saints April Gould and Sarah Williams were surprised to find a side of the "prince of darkness" they didn't know existed. 

7. Elder Bednar Shares 3 Keys to Receiving Answers to Our Prayers

Elder Bednar speaks about receiving answers to prayers

Whenever we approach the Lord in prayer, we should always keep these three keys from Elder Bednar in mind. 

8. At BYU, Colbie Caillat Talks Body Image, BYU Research, and Unexpected Rise to Fame

Colbie Callait speaks to students at BYU

While visiting BYU for this year's BYU Spectacular, singer Colbie Caillet learned that one of her songs, "Try," was actually the inspiration behind a BYU research project about body image. Find out what she had to say about the research project and how she's viewed body image over the years. 

9.  “I Shall Never Forget That Lesson”: The Conversation President Nelson Had with a Future Prophet That Made a Lasting Impact

The Conversation President Nelson Had with a Future Prophet That Made a Lasting Impact

As a newly called apostle, President Nelson met with the then-President of the Quorum of the Twelve, Ezra Taft Benson. It was during this meeting that President Nelson learned a message he "shall never forget."

10. Church Matched Proceeds from Jane and Emma Opening Night and Donated Them to the NAACP

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Matched Proceeds from Jane and Emma Opening Night and Donated Them to the NAACP

With the release of Jane and Emma last weekend, the Church announced that it would make a charitable donation to the NAACP, matching box office sales up to $40,000 for the opening day of the film—and the $40,000 goal was met. This film tells the incredible story of Jane Manning James, one of the first black converts to the Church, and her relationship with Joseph and Emma Smith. Learn more about Jane's story of faith.

Lead image from the Deseret News, lds.org, and goatyoga.com 

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