10 Hilarious #MormonProbs Tweets


Members everywhere aresharing the gospel online through social media. By creating profiles, sharing uplifting General Gonference quotes and interacting on social media, members of the Church are rising to the challenge to let their light so shine

Amidst all this gospel sharing, Mormon communities have formed online, uniting LDS members from all over the world. Among these group are the #twitterstake and #mormonprobs hashtags on Twitter.

These hilarious "Mormon Problems" tweets are sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing.

1. Proposals Over Facebook

Some guy just straight up proposed on the BYU Facebook page #smh #mormonprobs β€” Graham Bourne (@gbourne02) May 19, 2014

2. Putting Off Writing Your Talk

Writing a talk makes you really gain a testimony of the Search feature on gospel library. #lds #mormonprobs #andblessings β€” Curtis L. Anderson (@Curtoid96) May 19, 2014

3. Intense Pinewood Derbys

You know your serious about winning the #Pinewoodderby when you end up in ER! #stiches! #mormonprobs β€” Sistas in Zion (@SISTASinZION) May 20, 2014

4. Misprinted Missionary Plaques

Two years? Try 18,102! #missionarywork @MormonProbs #mormonprobs β€” Kelly Clark (@kellyclark801) May 11, 2013

5. Writing Multiple Missionaries

*bout to go to bed* *realizes has to write back to 6 missionaries* *copies+pastes mass generic reply to all* *crisis averted* #mormonprobs πŸ˜‚ β€” Nicole Suapaia (@ntapasa) May 19, 2014

6. Quick Engagements

Went on a date with a guy six weeks ago, just saw a pic of him and his fiancΓ© on FB πŸ˜±πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ #utahprobs #actuallymorelike #mormonprobs β€” Alexis isbell (@isbell_lexi) May 19, 2014

7. Mystery Hymns

You know it's going to be a rough Sunday when you don't know any of the hymns #mormonprobs β€” Hannah Lange (@hannahhlangee) May 18, 2014

8. High Councilor Talks that Make You Sleepy

Please do not operate heavy machinery during the High Council talk. #mormonprobs β€” Snarkernacle (@Snarkernacle) May 18, 2014

9. Fast Sunday Hunger

My stomach is like a musical instrument on Fast Sunday. @MormonProbs β€” alexa roberts (@alexa_katelyn) July 7, 2013

10. President Uchtdorf Photo Bomb

@MormonProbs When President Uchtdorf photo bombs your selfie. β€” Sarah Oscarson Giles (@sarahogiles) April 6, 2014