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10 Incredible Stories of Visiting Teachers Who Went Above and Beyond


Editor's note: The following responses have been edited for length and clarity. 

Visiting teaching brings so much good into the lives of the sisters of the Church, often without us really realizing it.

But sometimes, the acts of love and compassion our visiting teachers show us stay with us long afterward, forming genuine ties of friendship and fellowship. 

We asked you to share with us these moments, to share the best thing your visiting teacher has done for you. The responses were incredible, showcasing so many instances of charity and Christlike service. 

Here are just 10 of these responses that show just how influential and incredible visiting teachers can be in our lives. 

My son got part of his foot and toes cut off by a lawnmower. I was in the middle of making dinner and the house was in disarray. I called her in a panic as we rushed to the hospital for surgery. She and her husband had just left for a date and had a babysitter at home. They immediately came to my house and cleaned up my dinner preparations. She then packed up my other four kids for the night, took them to her home and took care of them the next day as well. Her husband cleaned up the accident and finished mowing our lawn. We didn’t have family who lived in town and I was so grateful that I felt like I had someone who could help us during that tragic event.
When I was working full-time and going through an MBA program she made me freezer meals that I could reheat when I didn't have time to cook. She is a fabulous cook and those were probably the best meals I've ever eaten. People always ask what they can do to help but she took it one step further and figured out what she could do without waiting for me to ask. I was grateful for the help and her kindness still touches my heart today.
She held my newborn while I took a bath! 😂 I was so exhausted that day! It was a balm!!!
Threw me a surprise baby shower when I was less active. . . motivated me to come back.
My visiting teacher has been helping me complete my family names at the temple. She knew I enjoyed family history and had more names that I could do myself. Not even exaggerating here—she does 10 initiatories and 30 endowments for me A MONTH! And she has been doing it for over a year now. She is amazing.
Came almost every day to help me with my two-year-old for three months while I was pregnant with an extreme case of hyperemesis—commonly known as morning sickness. She cooked food, did light housekeeping, kept me company—brought a lot of sunshine into our home—how can you say thank you for an outpouring of love like that?
They cleaned my house when I was 8 months pregnant with my twins (31 years ago). I'll never forget their kindness💕
She took me in (although she did not know me yet) to her and her family's home when I got released from the hospital (too sick with hyperemesis to take care of myself). She brought every meal upstairs to me until I had enough strength to come down and eat with the family. They loved me and cared for me in their home for nearly three weeks. She (now my dear friend Susan Fauver) did this not only once, but on THREE separate occasions during my pregnancies! She also sent her husband to get my family during a snowstorm in Atlanta, when we were without power. She insisted we stay the night when they already had a house full. Shortly upon arrival later that night, THEY lost power. We all huddled in sleeping bags in the living room by the fire in one room. It was like indoor camping, with our best friends. We spent Sunday dinners together, holidays and many Christmas breakfasts with them. They were at the hospital there when our babies were born and soon became our BEST friends!!
My VT came and got me out of the house for morning walks when I felt depressed and sad. We became good friends. I still feel grateful for her.
Brought me flowers on my birthday—when family members had forgotten my birthday!

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