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10 Questions You Can Ask Single Mormons That Aren't "Are You Dating Anyone?"


The holidays are nearly here, and with them come family parties, ward activities, and any number of dinners and invitations. While it is fun to anticipate these events, for some these social gatherings can sometimes lend to unwanted questions and awkward moments. Though it is important to remember family and ward members often ask us questions out of love, here are a few questions you should consider asking Mormon singles beyond the typical, "So, are you dating anyone?" Some questions are just for fun; others get to the heart of what your family member might be experiencing.

10 Questions to Ask Single Mormons

1. How is work going?

What is the best part of your job?

2. If you could be doing anything else, what would it be?

3. Have you attended any concerts or cool events lately?

Do you have any plans to attend any coming up?

Have you tried any new restaurants lately?

4. What are you most excited about in the coming year?

5. Did you go on any fun trips this year?

Do you have any trips planned?

6. What do you think of Bumble and Tinder?

Do you have any funny stories about these apps?

7. What is the best part of being single?

What is the hardest part?

8. Can you tell me a little bit about your experience as a single member of the Church?

How do you feel about singles wards?

What could married members do to make single members feel more included?

What do you wish married members understood better about single members?

9. Why do you think so many single members are struggling in the Church right now?

How could married members help?

What have you learned from being single in a church that focuses so much on families?

10. How do you feel like you fit into current Church culture?

What is an element of Church culture that you love?

What is an element of Church culture you hope will improve?

A Few Questions to Avoid

What happened to that cute girl/boy you brought to the Christmas party last year?

Why? Because if she/he isn’t here this year the answer is probably not a happy one and they may not want to talk about it.

Are you just being too picky?

Why? Everyone gets to decide what they look for in a future spouse. They know better than you what is best for themselves.

Don’t you want a family?

Why? This question will only make someone feel misunderstood, angry, or sad.

Can I set you up with (name of a random single person you don’t actually know if they would be a good match)?

Why? Setups are best when the setter-upper knows both parties personally and for various reasons—other than they’re both single or the same height—genuinely believes they could be a good match for each other.

Have you considered your biological clock?

Why? Because someone’s “biological clock” is highly personal.

Are you praying to get married?

Why? What someone prays about is between them and the Lord.

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