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8 temple bags any Latter-day Saint woman will love


No matter how often you make it to the temple, it’s nice to have a special bag designated just for your temple clothing. Whether your temple bag is getting a little worn out or you’ve never had one, there are plenty of options! Fine craftsmanship and quality details make these bags stylish and functional choices. These bags are perfectly arranged to accommodate temple clothing and even have a little room to spare.

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Temple Bag Backpack

A perfect blend of timeless style and practical functionality, our temple bags will hold everything you need for a seamless temple experience.

Pearl Scalloped Temple Bag

The classic scalloped temple bag with a pearl-like finish.

Scalloped Temple Bag

Stylish, functional, and full of pockets inside! With a zipper opening that expands 10 inches, this structured temple bag is made for Latter-day Saint women.

Grace Temple Bag

Fine craftsmanship and quality details make this temple bag a stylish choice. Smartly designed, this bag accommodates temple clothing with a little room to spare for those who want it. Dimensions approx. 16" x 12" x 4".

Temple Bag with Small Purse

Available in red and tan.

Edwin Temple Bag Backpack

This practical and functional temple bag backpack offers functionality without sacrificing style. The outside of the bag features one large velcro pocket and a small vertical zipper pocket.

Flora Temple Bag

A beautiful, roomy bag with floral designs.

Anna Temple Bag

Designer flair for a fraction of the price! This practical yet stylish temple bag features compartments for all of your temple accessories and personal belongings.

(Also available with black trim)

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