10 "The Office" GIFs That Sum Up Mission Reunions


Autumn is one of the best times of the year. Not only is it almost time for general conference but it’s also that time for thousands of Latter-day Saints to gather together as a mission once again to reminisce on great times had in the mission field. 

To commemorate these events, here are 10 gifs that summarize mission reunions.

The way you feel about your mission president:

When you show up and find out one of your favorite companions is engaged.

When you show up to the reunion and the elder or sister you had a crush on in the mission field is married.

When you show up and all of your favorite chocolates from the mission are already gone.

When the elder who liked your wife in the mission field forgets that she's married to you.

When people start talking about your famous pranks in front of your mission president's wife.

When you show up to the reunion wearing everything you brought home from the place you served.

When someone tells a mission story for the millionth time and forgets you already knew it because you were there.

When you're trying to tell the missionaries who came after you how good of a missionary you were.

When you ask a former elder or sister to go to the reunion with you but they decline and show up with another date.

Lead image from IMDb


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