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10 things we forget to thank Dad for

This story originally ran on LDS Living in June 2014. 

Fathers come from many walks of life and each have their own unspoken ways of showing their love for their families. Whether your dad is a member of the church or not, here are a few things you may forget to thank him for—and Father's Day is the perfect time to remember!

With memories of Mother’s Day still lingering in our minds, we probably remember and recognize a lot of things that we neglect to thank our mothers for. But sometimes in our haste to thank and appreciate our mothers, we forget that fathers do their own share of quiet service and support. Check out some ideas of things you can thank your dad for this Father’s Day!

1)  Supporting Activities 

Whether it was a football game, a ballet performance, or a piano recital, when Dad came to your event, it was likely extra special. Sometimes that meant he had to cut things close at work or put off an important project to be there—a thank you for his time is likely to brighten Dad’s day! Let your dad know that time sacrifices he made to be at things such as family home evening or to be home on time for dinner meant a lot by telling him thanks.

2) Acting as Provider and/or Nurturer

In many families, dads are a big reason that a family eats, has new clothes for the start of the school year, or can drive to school. Going to work every day can be a lot of work for your dad, and knowing that you appreciate him doing it will make his day! In families with stay-at-home dads, let him know how much you appreciate him taking care of you, feeding you, and making sure you had a safe, happy home to come back to. 

3) Teaching Manners

Whether it was teaching you how to treat others or how others should treat you, Dad was probably a key co-teacher with Mom to help you learn how to be a civilized, respectable human being. Thank him for his good example.

4) Sharing Life Skills

Learning how to fix a bike, unclog the sink, care for the yard, budget smartly, or change a flat car tire are often skills that Dad has down well. And whether you ask him or not, he's likely to pass his years of wise fix-it skills on to you. While you may not have appreciated them at the time, you're probably grateful for them now. It's better to say thanks late than never!

5) His Sense of Humor

Fathers have a knack for spouting off humorous comments and making you laugh, even on a bad day. Whether their humor is bubbly or hilariously dry, thank your dad for making you laugh. You may find he'll try and do it even more!

6) Giving Wise Advice

When you just wanted someone to talk to or you really needed some direction with a difficult problem, Dad was ready with an ear and an answer—or at least a nudge in the right direction—no matter the hour. Thank him for the time he took, and probably continues to take, to help you work out your life problems.

7) Spoiling Us

Dads have a reputation of letting us get away with a little more than moms. It's not necessarily a bad thing—chocolate cake for breakfast, cookies before dinner, and an extra hour of staying up past bedtime were Dad’s special way of telling us that he loved us and wanted to spend time with us. Make time for your dad and thank him for the time he makes for you.

8) Working Hard
They go to work in the morning and come home and work some more around the house. If anyone knew how to work hard and taught you the value of a good work ethic, Dad probably did. Send your dad this hilarious throwback Church commercial along with your thanks.

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Bad Hair Day

9) Life Encouragement

Though Mom and Dad are probably equally encouraging, sometimes Dad pushes just a little bit more. From getting high grades in school to advancing in a job to making wise choices in an eternal companion, Dad has a way of encouraging your best effort in everything but still loving you no matter the outcome. 

10) Example of Service and Faith

Whether your father is a member of the Church or not, he is a cornerstone of the family. If your dad is anything like mine, though he is often the practical voice in life situations, he still has a soft spot in his heart for serving and loving—and he has faith in your family. Don't let his quiet, sometimes hidden example of support and love go unnoticed. 

What else are you going to thank your dad for this Father's Day? 

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