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10 Twitter reactions we loved from general conference weekend


Another general conference came and went this past weekend, but many of the messages we heard will remain with us. We celebrated Easter by hearing testimonies of Jesus Christ from speakers who represented every populated continent on earth. We celebrated together as temples were announced around the world. And we heard calls for kindness that will hopefully influence how we engage with others moving forward. 

One place that could always use a little bit more kindness is Twitter. The social media platform tends to become a home for heated discussions and strong opinions. And maybe that's why we love these tweets about general conference so much—because they bring light to what can sometimes be a bleak place. Twitter reminded us or taught us a few things we wanted to share with you from this conference:

1. President Russell M. Nelson was as excited as any of us for this general conference. 

Anyone else as excited about #generalconference as President Nelson and I are? ⁦@Ch_JesusChrist⁩ pic.twitter.com/vomPy741xd — Jason Burt (@jb_silverfox) April 3, 2021

2. You're never too young to prepare to receive the priesthood.

Grandpa fell asleep. But Brody is still watching priesthood. 😂. #GeneralConference #ldsconf pic.twitter.com/40uK58fUQW — J (@JustenCharters) April 4, 2021

3. Everyone was obsessed with imagining Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's signature greeting, as described by Elder Edward Dube.

Elder Dube feeling love and belonging from Elder Holland. #ElderDube #GeneralConference #ldsconf pic.twitter.com/lIkuVJaGwB — General Conference GIFs (@gcgifs) April 4, 2021
Apparently Elder Holland to everyone he meets...#GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/V4OtwZtWVH — Jon Hedman (@JEHedman) April 4, 2021
All I can think about is poor @HollandJeffreyR and how he probably hasn’t been able to pat anyone’s face like a baby in several months. #ElderDube #GeneralConference #Ldsconf pic.twitter.com/GkaqrfrrhC — Never Nate (@RealNatMartinez) April 4, 2021

4. The people loved the Sunday morning session format.

This #GeneralConference format is awesome. This is something good from this terrible pandemic. — Ty Allen (@tyephallen) April 4, 2021
Them: “Tell us you’re a worldwide church without telling us you’re a worldwide church.” Church of Jesus Christ: Watch the Sunday morning session ☺️ #GeneralConference #LDSConf — bp (@forza_bp) April 4, 2021

5. Temple announcements were celebrated around the world.

Man. I am so happy. Kumasi!!!!!!!! 3 hours drive to the nearest temple soon. #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/3OKSKeFa0Z — Emmanuel (@MisterrrAdjei) April 4, 2021

. . . Even if there was some premature celebration as people in Farmington, Utah started celebrating before President Nelson finished announcing the new temple site—Farmington, New Mexico. 

LDS living in Farmington, Utah today. #GeneralConference pic.twitter.com/km9hLk3Ujd — Great 1 Ute (@MikeisTGO) April 4, 2021

6. Some people embrace their 15 minutes (or seconds) of fame more than others.

The girl making a mustache with her braid. A Gem 💎🤣❤️ #generalconference pic.twitter.com/Xh8ynbIIpr — crushin on prez nelson (@marlamuppets) April 4, 2021

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot
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