11 Beautiful Flower Analogies Shared in Conference to Get You Excited for Spring

by | Mar. 24, 2018


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Removing Negative Weeds and Cultivating Positive Flowers

“We grow in two ways—removing negative weeds and cultivating positive flowers. The Savior’s grace blesses both parts—if we do our part. First and repeatedly we must uproot the weeds of sin and bad choices. It isn’t enough just to mow the weeds. Yank them out by the roots, repenting fully to satisfy the conditions of mercy. But being forgiven is only part of our growth. We are not just paying a debt. Our purpose is to become celestial beings. So once we’ve cleared our heartland, we must continually plant, weed, and nourish the seeds of divine qualities. And then as our sweat and discipline stretch us to meet His gifts, ‘the flow’rs of grace appear,’ like hope and meekness. Even a tree of life can take root in this heart-garden, bearing fruit so sweet that it lightens all our burdens ‘through the joy of his Son.’ And when the flower of charity blooms here, we will love others with the power of Christ’s own love.” —Elder Bruce C. Hafen, “The Atonement: All for All,” general conference, April 2004

Like a Growing Seed

“Becoming Christlike is a matter of daily spiritual growth. As a flower develops from a seed, as a mature adult develops from a tiny child, so we can grow spiritually day by day, eventually into Christlike personalities.” —Mark E. Petersen, “Believers and Doers,” general conference, October 1982

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