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11 Books to Help You Get More Out of the New Testament This Year


With Sunday School focusing on the New Testament this year, it’s great to have resources to accompany each lesson. Whether you’re a teacher preparing next week’s lesson or a ward member anxiously engaged in gaining more from your Come, Follow Me study this year, these books are great additions to your personal or family scripture study.

For Kids and Families

by Jerry Harston & Deanna Draper Buck

The fifth in the bestselling My First series, this sturdy board book brings the stories of Jesus to life for children with its bright illustrations and simple text. Parents and teachers will love reading to little ones about Jesus feeding the five thousand, walking on the water, calming the sea, and blessing the children. The book also shares parables, such as the story of the Good Samaritan and the parable of the Prodigal Son and introduces other New Testament figures. 

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by Richard J. Allen

Enhance your gospel study with this incredible new resource that provides an encyclopedia-like portrayal of every person found in the New Testament. In this beautifully illustrated volume, more than 85 color images enhance hundreds of fascinating entries about individuals—prominent and little known, righteous and unrighteous. 

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by Dennis Leavitt & Richard O. Christensen

Families throughout the Church have discovered that Scripture Study for Latter-day Saint Families can help make study of the scriptures more effective. In this new edition, parents will find activities, object lessons, stories, discussion questions, quotations, and insights to help them lead their families through the New Testament. 

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For Beginner Gospel Study

by Jack Lyon

The Readable Scriptures edition uses the standard King James Version of the New Testament but removes the modern overlay of verse numbers, double columns, chapter summaries, and cross-references; then it formats the text based on the content of the record itself—as headings, poetry, block quotations, or whatever is required, including modern paragraphing to organize verses in context. The result is an edition that shows the underlying structure of the ancient documents and is easy to read and understand. 

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by Camille Fronk Olson

During his mortal ministry, the Lord Jesus Christ loved, taught, healed, and interacted with numerous women. More than 50 specific women are introduced in the New Testament, with multitudes of others numbered among the Savior's followers. In this well-researched and richly illustrated companion volume to Women of the Old Testament, author Camille Fronk Olson focuses on many of these remarkable women and explores the influence of Jesus Christ and his gospel on women living in the meridian of time.

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by Andrew C. Skinner and D. Kelly Ogden

Verse by Verse: The Four Gospels is both an outstanding reference resource and a wonderful biographical account of the Savior's ministry. In-depth scripture commentary is supplemented with photos, painting, drawings, charts, maps, and other invaluable study helps. In Verse by Verse: Acts through Revelation, Kelly Ogden and Andrew Skinner explain the doctrines taught by the ancient apostles on a wide variety of subjects, including the divinity of Christ, charity, faith and works, grace, the pre-mortal world, the Resurrection, the Last Days, and other vital topics.

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by Thomas R. Valletta

The New Testament Study Guide: Start to Finish is a comprehensive question-and-answer commentary set alongside the text of the New Testament. It draws from thousands of powerful scriptural insights, including those from general authorities and officers, Church magazines and manuals, the most respected commentaries, scripture reference books, and other publications. 

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For Intermediate/Advanced Gospel Study

by Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Thomas A. Wayment

In this landmark volume, the authors help readers understand the New Testament in context, as the writers originally intended. The book sheds additional light on this witness of Jesus Christ, offering further evidence that, although it is an ancient book, the New Testament has a modern message for everyone.

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by Ed J. Pinegar and Richard J. Allen

Draw closer to the Savior as you gain additional understanding of the writings in The New Testament. In this new volume, scholars Ed J. Pinegar and Richard J. Allen illuminate the meaning of these profound scriptures and show how to apply the doctrinal truths of these sacred books in our daily lives.

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by Taylor Halverson

This vivid narrative offers readers a unique look at the world during New Testament times, beginning with the centuries-long period between Malachi and Matthew. What follows is an in-depth discussion of the lesser-known details behind key sections of the New Testament and the eternal truths to be gleaned from them—from the characteristics of the scriptural authors to the religious and political traditions of the time to verse-by-verse discussions of the finer points of doctrine. 

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by Eric D. Huntsman, Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Thomas A. Wayment

Jesus Christ and the World of the New Testament is richly illustrated with hundreds of images, including original artwork, artifacts, maps, and timelines. Uncover the origins of the books of the New Testament and learn how stories of Christ's life and teachings were preserved after His death. Nearly 300 topics provide valuable context to understanding New Testament times, from the role of women and families to portraits of key personalities to controversial legends that have persisted to our day. 

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