12 Powerful Quotes from Young Women Leaders For Women in the Church

by | Feb. 24, 2015

Mormon Life

In addition to a fabulous General Young Women Presidency, we also have an amazing Young Women Board. Here are 12 great quotes from our Young Women Leaders!

“Women in the Church are sometimes criticized, so we need to be together and stand for our principles. We can have an impact on the world in a good way. Many in the world and even some in the Church do not understand the role of women because of the influence of worldly media. When others know we live the commandments because we choose to, not because we have to, they will realize we are happy being Latter-day Saints. Women have much to do in this world—together with their husbands or leaders. We need to change the world with love, knowledge, and testimony.”

—Carmela M. Hooker, Lima, Peru

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