12 Times US Presidents Spoke in the Tabernacle

7. Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Photo from Ronald L. Fox

September 17, 1932

While governor of New York, President Franklin D. Roosevelt stopped in Salt Lake City to give a campaign speech in the Tabernacle on September 17, 1932. Like those who spoke there before and those after him, Governor Roosevelt was highly complimentary of the hospitality and kindness of the people of Utah and praised its pioneer heritage:

“My visit here in Salt Lake City is, I assure you, one of the brightest spots of a happy trip. As I have viewed the scene in this Valley, it is easy to see how a distinguished citizen of your State, arriving in this place eighty-five years ago, exclaimed: This is the place! And every time I come back to it I want to pay a new tribute to those splendid American pioneers who made it possible in the early days.”
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