12 Hilarious Descriptions of Church Basketball in 3 Words or Less


Church basketball—there are so many feelings surrounding those words. And don't we know it?

We received dozens of responses when we asked you to describe Church basketball in three words, and in some cases, three words just weren't enough.

So if your Mormon March Madness bracket isn't working out the way you hoped, here's something else from Mormon culture that will make your day. 

1. Many broken bones

2. Granny shot pro

From @meaganfern30 

3. Where's my husband?

From @sandiegolys 

4. Madness!

From marthadpgutierrez

5. Basically the NBA

From mormonmafia_beck

6. Take over the gym

Image title

From nitasmile2

7. Lots of screams/cheers

From elaine_brletich

8. The Mormon hunger games

From sassymormon

9. Good workout!!

From grandmaizme

10. Head locks

From sandraraestevenson

11. Michael Jordan Wannabees

From jill_hagler

12. Deductible. Deductible. Deductible.

From @nike_peterson
Lead image from Shutterstock

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